Ru-Center launches an unified authentication system for clients and partners

Ru-Center launches an unified authentication system for clients and partners

About the project:

Ru-Center stands as one of Russia’s most prominent domain registrars and hosting providers catering to businesses, offering end-to-end solutions for website creation, hosting, and maintenance. Proudly being a part of the leading RBC multimedia conglomerate.

On the Ru-Center portal, distinct client and partner dashboards are provided. The integration of the Blitz Identity Provider has enabled the deployment of a single sign-on technology for these dashboards. This has not only elevated account security through two-factor authentication, but also streamlined user access via ESIA.


3 months.

Project objective:

  1. Introduce a unified authentication system for accessing client and partner dashboards on the portal.
  2. Enable the use of the government service portal account to simplify user identification procedures.
  3. Implement two-factor authentication to bolster account security.

Key results:

The adoption of the Blitz Identity Provider authentication server made it possible to institute a unified authentication system, facilitating diverse authentication modes when accessing personal dashboards. The incorporation of two-factor authentication has substantially ramped up user account security. Moreover, Ru-Center’s integration with ESIA has empowered both clients and partners to utilize the government service portal account for identification on the platform.

One of the unique features of this project was the bespoke design of the authentication page, which includes distinctive elements for role selection, either as a “Client” or a “Partner”. Additionally, at Ru-Center’s behest, there was a provision to choose between different password categories for authorization – administrative or technical, based on user preference.

Note: “ESIA” refers to a unified system for identification and authentication in digital government services in Russia.

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