Ingosstrakh simplifies account access with Blitz Identity Provider

Ingosstrakh simplifies account access with Blitz Identity Provider

About the project:

Ingosstrakh is one of the largest insurance companies in Russia. It is classified as a systemically important Russian insurance company and offers all types of insurance as provided by the Russian Federation’s Insurance Law.

Ingosstrakh consistently ranks in the top 10 of Russian insurers and holds leading positions in press mentions. The company serves over 2 million customers, around 20,000 agents, and approximately 2,000 employees.

To best meet the needs of policyholders and provide greater convenience and speed for customers accessing their accounts, Ingosstrakh integrated their website with the ESIA system in 2016. They employed the ESIA-Bridge software solution for this integration.

To support various authentication modes, we successfully implemented the Blitz Identity Provider authentication server.


6 months.

Project objective:

Provide a unified identification solution for users, agents, and clients, ensuring various authentication modes function properly.

Key results:

By integrating the Ingosstrakh website with ESIA using ESIA-Bridge and deploying the Blitz Identity Provider authentication server, they achieved a unified technical solution for identifying users, agents, and clients, ensuring the functioning of different authentication modes.

Any citizen registered on the state services platform can now access their Ingosstrakh account using their state services login without having to first purchase a policy at a company office. In their online account, Ingosstrakh offers clients a wide range of interaction opportunities. Users can view their policies, renew existing ones, or get the desired policy, including signing an e-OSAGO agreement.

Note: “e-OSAGO” refers to a type of electronic insurance in Russia, and “ESIA” is a unified system for identification and authentication in digital government services in Russia.

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