Single sign-on for applications

Enjoy the convenience of using a unified login page and a single sign-on when accessing your organization’s applications.

Strong authentication

Use hardware authentication tokens or one-time passwords to access your applications.

Bridges between organizations

Make your applications available for employees of other organizations using their own user accounts.

Key features

Improve the usability of your applications and increase staff efficiency

Your employees will have to remember only one password and to use it for single sign-on to all applications of the organization.
For strong authentication employees may choose by themselves the most convenient and suitable method.

Save on buying a hardware authentication token for each employee

Employees may use their own smartphones as authentication devices.

Increase the mobility of your staff

Employees will have a secure access to any corporate application wherever they are on any device.

Enhance the productivity of collaboration with partner organizations' staff

Partner organizations’ employees will have authorized access to your applications by using authentication methods that are available within their own organizations.

Get more benefits from your cloud services

Start using cloud services by providing a secure access to them for your staff.

Increase the security of your organization

Your staff has to remember only one secure password. When accessing cloud services user password will never leave the organization’s perimeter. You can also abandon passwords in favour of strong authentication methods.