Browser Digital Signature Kit - Demo Page

Basic information

You can test the Browser Digital Signature Kit if you have a local digital signature (USB token or a smartcard) of a supported type.

Found an error or your digital signature key does not work? Contact us and we'll fix it.

This is a 3-step demo:

  1. Create a new instance of the plugin object.
  2. Enter data to sign or choosing a file.
  3. Digitally sign your data or file.

1. Creating a new instance of the plugin object

Use our javascript to instantiate the plugin: simply place a link <script src="js/blitzsc.js"></script> on your page. As a result a global object Blitzsc will be available. You can also use the Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) approach.

Then call the createFactory function with parameters:

all modules

After purchasing the Browser Digital Signature Kit you'll receive these values to use in your website.

After calling createFactory the pluginFactory will be available. Use pluginFactory to instantiate the plugin in an asynchronous mode. Specify the following parameters when calling this function:

callback function after the successful plugin creation;
callback function after plugin creation failure (see detailed description).