Blitz Smart Card Plugin

Use digital signature in your applications

Blitz Smart Card Plugin enables your web-applications use digital signatures for user authentication and signing documents.

You can create a service that uses a digital signature without studying the specificity of each digital signature means and without worrying about its functionality in different browsers and operating systems. Blitz Smart Card Plugin will do it for you!

Blitz Smart Card Plugin

Blitz Smart Card Plugin advantages

  • Universality Plugin supports different types of digital signature keys. Due to Blitz Smart Card Plugin your applications won’t be bound to a single manufacturer of keys.
  • Multiplatformity Plugin is compatible with OS Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X and Linux.
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility Plugin supports modern Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Opera and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers.

Intuitive installation

Linear plugin installation process with contextual help allows the user to start using the plugin just in a minute.

Optimal interaction with the system

Due to the asynchronous interaction with the digital signature, the launch of Blitz Smart Card Plugin does not lead to the effect of system “freezing”.

Enhanced security

The key pin-number entered by the user when signing, is not passed to the browser, and that reduces the risk of pin theft.

Main functions

Get the list of available certificates

Plugin detects all attached digital signature keys and transmits the data of its certificates in a convenient format for visualization.

Sign the string or file using the chosen key

Blitz Smart Card Plugin digittaly signs the string or the file in PKCS#7 format using the selected digital signature key.

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