3 reasons to choose Blitz Identity Provider

3 reasons to choose Blitz Identity Provider

1Meets your requirements

When creating the Blitz Identity Provider software, we relied on our experience in developing durable high-performance authentication systems with millions of users and thousands of requests per second.

We focus on the best practices in this area and strive to make a product that will suit any modern company – whether it needs a sign in system for its employees or creates an access system for its Internet applications.

2Is universal and scalable

Our authentication server is useful to any organization – from start-ups to large businesses. The flexibility of the product makes it possible to apply it to different deployment schemes and to meet the strict functional and performance requirements.

Blitz Identity Provider perfectly fits into the existing infrastructure – it can be connected to existing account stores, the authentication devices adopted within an organization can be used.

3Meets modern standards

We believe in the standards. To connect applications to the Blitz Identity Provider, the widespread standards of SAML, OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect 1.0 are used.

We do not hide how our products work: full documentation is available for your review.

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