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Blitz Smart Card Plugin

  • Can I install plugin in а standard account without admin rights?

    You don’t need admin rights to install the plugin for the current user. However, if you want to install it for all users you should have admin rights.

  • Should I restart the browser after installing the plugin?

    No, there is no need to restart the browser after installing the plugin. If the signing feature was correctly embedded into the website, the webpage will detect the installed plugin automatically.

  • We are going to use your plugin on our website. Can we host it on our website for downloads? Is it possible to change the branding of your plugin (e.g. modify the name and its logo)?

    Yes, in case you licensed our software for your website you can host it there. We can make a branded plugin version for your company or website. Contact us to discuss the details with us.

  • Can we use digital signature devices on mobile platforms (e.g. IOS and Android smartphones) using your plugin?

    Unfortunately our plugin works only on devices that use desktop operating systems — Windows, macOS or Linux (e.g. Linux Ubuntu 14/16, Linux Fedora 23, Linux Mint 17/18 or CentOS).

  • Your software doesn’t support my hardware digital key. How to add my token to your support list?

    Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Write the token name and its manufacturer in the request and we will try to find out whether we can fix the problem.

  • Is your software compatible with old versions of Firefox including the previous ESR release?

    Yes, Blitz Smart Card Plugin works both with the old versions of Firefox through NPAPI and the new ones through Native Messaging API. Our JavaScript determines the user’s Firefox version and uses the correct API for signing data.

  • What are the server requirements for a website that uses the function of digitally signing the documents?

    Blitz Smart Card Plugin is a client software. That means that your browser will get access to the user’s digital signature only after installing a special plug-in on user’s machine. To simplify the interaction with the signature device we provide JavaScript. This script unifies the plug-in interface so there is no need to take into account the specificity of different browsers.